With the US Presidential Election scheduled to close early next week, candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are rarely out of the news cycle. Both took a hit this week with Trump’s Hollywood star being defaced as more news about Clinton’s email scandal broke loose. Trump’s star was hit with a sledgehammer and a picture of the resulting mess sparked memes online.  This isn’t the first time his star has been used as a protest. It has previously been defaced with a reverse swastika sign, as well as a mute sign. One artist surrounded the star with a tiny wall topped with barbed wire as a symbol of his plan to build a wall along Mexico’s border. The protester said he had hoped to remove the star and sell it to help aid the many women who spoke out against Trump saying he had assaulted them.


MacBook Pro 2016
Computer giant Apple released their latest laptops earlier this week – their first in over a year – to much excitement. While there was nothing for fans of the lightweight Air series, the new MacBook Pro came with an exciting development – a touch bar that would adapt to the applications open on the laptop, changing its functions effortlessly. Not all, however, were impressed by it. Some questioned the ease of use while others thought the company were not being as innovative as they have been in the past. With the removal of certain types of ports, Apple have also made sure that any new user will also have to carry around adapters – and this inconvenience might move otherwise loyal customers to the other side.


Taylor Swift and Drake
Rumours have been flying online about the nature of pop artists  Taylor Swift and Drake. While nothing concrete had been said by the two, it did not stop people from analysing the fact that Swift attended Drake’s birthday party and met some of his family. Others thought that they were both getting back at their exes – Rihanna and Calvin Harris. Some websites have reported that they are merely collaborating and if that is the case, then the move would be an exciting move on Swift’s part. She has been keeping her head under after some unhealthy publicity because of a feud with Kanye and Kim Kardashian as well as her breakup from Tom Hiddleston.


Vine no more
The social media app Vine which allows users to record six-second videos and was bought over by Twitter, is set to be closed down. The app started off as a casual way of sharing short clips from one’s life – comparable to Twitter’s 140 character limit – but soon blossomed into a creative platform that spawned many, many memes and a few social media celebrities. However, with Instagram adding a video feature and Snapchat popping up, Vine simply couldn’t keep up. The website will stay up, as will the videos on it. This latest move by Twitter shows that they are aware that they must stay relevant, but with the shutting down of one of the most influential apps of the past few years it is unsure if Twitter knows how to proceed.