The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce will conduct its third consecutive annual seminar to create awareness among the corporates on how to prepare good annual reports tomorrow.

The seminar is held in the backdrop of the modern day ‘Annual Report’ moving away from only providing accounting and legal information merely for the purpose of disclosure.

Companies, now consider the ‘Annual Report’ as an opportunity to showcase its triple bottom-line achievements, which are social, environmental and financial. Companies can also use the annual report to communicate corporate messages to a wide range of stakeholders.

Titled, “Best Practices to be adopted in preparation of annual reports’, the seminar will be addressed by Sanjaya Bandara, CA Sri Lanka Annual Reports Awards Committee and also a partner at the B. R. De Silva & Company.

His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion, with the participation of two technical managers from the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Sri Lanka.

Chathumin Gunarathne and Ms. Diluka Nadeeshani, both respective Technical Managers of the CA Sri Lanka will join in the panel discussion along with Bandara. The welcome remarks will be made by CEO of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Dhara Wijayatilake.