With just eight weeks to go, Cinnamon’s city hotels #CSnapColombo campaign has received over 200 entries for their pioneering photographic competition, aimed at promoting ‘Destination Colombo’ through the highly popular social media site, Instagram.
Launched on 27 September, the competition has attracted shutterbugs from all walks of life, sending in entries on architecture, interiors, speciality food, culture and art depicting varied stories that make Colombo, a truly holistic travel and tourism hub in Sri Lanka.
With a voucher of Rs.50,000 to be utilised at any of the Cinnamon’s city hotels (Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lakeside and Cinnamon Red) as the first prize, followed by a Rs.25,000 voucher for the second place and an all-inclusive dinner for three at any of the said properties for third place – the competition is now a highly successful one with many sending multiple entries.

The rules of the competition are simple. Participants, not limited to a particular nationality can enter up to ten images taken  by them through any device, but not hitherto published on any media-print or digital. The image should be accompanied by a description in no less than 110 words. The image, once uploaded on to their personal Instagram page should then tag @csnapcolombo along with the hashtag #CinnamonsCityHotels.Due to the large number of requests from non-Instagram users to take part in the competition, submissions can now be posted to the ‘CSnapColombo’Facebook page as well.

The Cinnamon’s city hotels will then repost these images on to their @csnapcolombo page, which can be viewed by all Instagram users. The objective is to create one page with photographs of Colombo, which could then be used as a reference site for travellers looking for their next holiday destination. Long-term goal is to create long-stay guests in the metropolitan by showcasing its diversity and eclectic lifestyle experiences.