Wonder Woman UN honorary ambassador

In an unprecedented move, the United Nations made the famous DC comic book character Wonder Woman an honorary ambassador on her 75th birthday. Arguably the most recognized female superhero, which makes her own big screen debut next year in a film starring Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman was chosen to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.

The ceremony included Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the hit TV series as well as the director of the upcoming movie. Though some were thrilled with this symbolic move, others were decidedly not. Seven women were considered and rejected as successors to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in favour of a man so some see this as just a gesture. Others questioned why a fictional character was chosen over a real life role model.

Documentary on ‘Hamilton’
A documentary about the hit Broadway show ‘Hamilton’ was released on PBS. It was also the first PBS documentary to be made available via streaming on their website. ‘Hamilton’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda live-tweeted the event, helping fans learn trivia about the show and experience. It soon started trending on twitter. The documentary looked at the journey Miranda took as he created the show after his previous hit ‘In The Heights’ and it also looked at the very characters – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton to name a few. Speaking on the duality of natures and how everyone is problematic, the actors talked about seeing people as a whole, the good along with the bad or vice versa. Thus the documentary melded historical facts with the story of the birth of the musical along with new perspectives that make the past relevant today.

Lady Gaga releases Joanne
Lady Gaga dropped a new album ‘Joanne’ that turned heads by being completely different to anything she has done before. The veteran pop star has plenty of experience where jaw-dropping pop anthems are involved, but her latest venture strips everything down. With a soft-rock sound, Gaga focusses on her raw vocals with help from producer Mark Ronson. The title is dedicated to her aunt who died and the tenderness of that homage shows in the album. ‘Angel Down’ sings of the death of Travyon Martin, a heartfelt tribute to the young boy. ‘Joanne’ as a whole is an unexpected turn from Gaga, but not one that isn’t appreciated.

Nintendo NX console
Nintendo revealed their newest NX console, due to be released early next year. The Switch was a long kept secret at Nintendo and seeks to change the way we game. The console will offer single and multiplayer games at home as well as on the go. Switch is touted as being able to handle games that are usually only available on home gaming rigs, so that gamers can play games like Skyrim or Zelda while travelling or away from their home rigs. It does this by being a home console as well as a hand-held device. While the games that will be available to play on it are not confirmed, it is thought that the latest Zelda game Breath of the Wild will be playable. The console marks an exciting era for Nintendo, as it could either bring back past glory for the prolific Japanese company or join a list of failed ventures.