If you are just starting out in the working world or are looking to change careers, you don’t need to take a test or consult a career professional—just look to the stars. Your zodiac sign may be an indicator of what careers best suit your lifestyle and personality.

There is a reason the sign is represented by a ram—Aries are strong (and strong-willed), vibrant, enthusiastic, and competitive. They thrive in commission-based jobs, especially if there is a bonus involved. Best jobs: entrepreneur, soldier, rescue worker; work well in the fields of government and politics, television, and recreation.

One of the things a Taurus enjoys most is stability. They will work very hard for certain guarantees—good benefits, vacation time, salary, job security. Taurians have a fondness for beautiful things and love working with flowers, food, jewellery, and luxury items. Best jobs: accountant, educator, engineer, lawyer, designer, landscaper and chef.

Geminis are twins, which means you have to engage two people, so they need to have a lot going on and like fast-paced, pressured environments. They won’t survive long doing tedious or repetitive work. Jobs that require travel are perfect, as are jobs that require social networking. Best jobs: stockbroker, switchboard operator, technical support, teacher, architect, machine operator and rescue worker.

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, so these sensitive types do well in jobs that require nurturing or taking care of things. However, this isn’t just about working with children or puppies; Cancerians make excellent executives. Best jobs: gardener, social worker, childcare, human resources, lawyer, teacher, CEO and soldier.

Fearless, inspiring, and independent, Leos work best when they are in the spotlight and love jobs that bring status and power. They can be high-maintenance and disruptive to a team environment, but their charm usually wins everyone over in the end. Best jobs: CEO, performer, tour guide, real estate agent, interior decorator, fashion designer, government and saleperson.

Virgos are known for their perfectionism and do very well in detailed-oriented professions. Writing, research, and statistics come easy to the meticulous Virgo brain. They are also easy to get along with as they are generally very cheerful. Many Virgos have a knack for languages. Best jobs: editor/writer, teacher, critic, technician, translator, detective and statistician.

They are good-looking and charming, gracious and entertaining. Their cooperative nature makes them excellent ambassadors and team leaders. More so than any sign, Libras are people people. Best jobs: diplomat, dancer, salesperson, host, negotiator, travel agent and supervisor.

Scorpios are able to block out distractions, concentrate, and focus like a laser beam. They are curious and are often drawn to mysteries—you would never want to be cross-examined or interrogated by a Scoripo for they are not only intimidating, but also very intuitive. Best jobs: detective, lawyer, educator, scientist, surgeon and physicist.

They are excellent decision-makers and make fair and easygoing bosses. They will not be tied down or bothered with the little details. Routine kills their spirit. Best jobs: minister, animal trainer, editor, public relations, coach, and anything having to do with travel.

Capricorns are determined and persistent—they will do what whatever it takes. Most are responsible and conscientious; many enjoy power. They run a tight ship—they will enforce rules and keep everyone on schedule. Best jobs: manager, administrator, editor, banker, IT, and anything science-related.

They love to explore avant-garde ideas and have a curious and adventurous nature. They will rebel against corporate environments, needing freedom of thought and movement. If you need a fresh approach, an Aquarius will not let you down. Best jobs: scientist (if they can explore new theories), inventor, organic farmer, aviator, designer and musician.

The key words here are creative and passionate. They excel in the traditional arts (music, dance, photography). Pisceans are also highly intuitive. If your stylist is a Pisces, she will not only give you a modern and unique haircut; she will also give you the haircut that fits you best. Best jobs: artist, nurse, physical therapist, philanthropist, veterinarian and psychologist.