The world’s oldest working full-rigged ship, SS Sørlandet from Norway, which has been docked at the Colombo Port since 23rd October is set to leave Sri Lankan shores on Sunday 30th for her next port, the Maldives. The ship is on a two-year circumnavigation of the world, with 70 high school students from A+ Academy. During their stay in Colombo they greeted Sri Lankan maritime students, and the ship was a part of several events hosted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Nicknamed “The pearl of Norway”, she is quite a beauty with her 27 sails. She has sailed the oceans of the world for close to 90 years, most of the time as a training ship, hosting students and cadets. But, her story also has a darker side, when she was used as a prison ship during the Second World War.

The visit to Colombo is only one of 44 ports and 22 countries she visited on her two-year circumnavigation. The 70 students on board is a mix of Norwegian and international high school students attending the on board boarding school.