The recent statements made by northern province chief minister Vigneswaran, Pongu Thamil rally, the sword attack on two state intelligence officers for which the responsibility has been claimed by Aavagroup, an incident where a police officer was attacked with a bottle while he was trying to control a crowd and other acts of violence, all seem to be happening unfortunately at a time most crucial to the Tamil community
In the aftermath of a bitter war a new government is in power with a promise of reconciliation and new constitutional proposals are being made before a parliamentary committee. Some of the matters vital to the Tamil community such as the devolution of power are also likely to come up for discussion both in parliament and in the public domain.

There are organized groups behind some of these developments in the north while others are sporadic incidents that can take place anywhere, be it the north or the south. However, some of these developments are incited by irresponsible statements made by northern politicians in the recent past.

All in all, the net impact of these could be impediments for the reconciliation process and possible further devolution of powers to the periphery especially police and land powers. These undesirable and untimely developments have also provided an ideal platform for those in the south who want to block any further devolution by way of reconciliation.
This could also be the greatest obstacle to the ongoing constitutional process which has up to now received the support of all political parties in parliament. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all political parties in the north and all political and social groups that are genuinely interested in resolving the long-standing issues faced by the Tamil community to do everything within their power to reverse this trend.

Ideally they should refrain from taking any action or making public statements that are likely to encourage dissention or incite violence among particularly the northern youth. The law enforcement agencies also should be advised to exercise utmost caution when using power in the current difficult circumstances

Peace can be very fragile especially in a post-war period where every freedom is given to the citizen while maintaining peace can be more challenging during such periods than in times of war. Hard won peace, however fragile, should be maintained in the name of reconciliation and if we miss this opportunity, resolving the northern problem and other constitutional issues common to the whole country can never be done and the ultimate sufferers would be the economy of our country and the entire nation.