Born in Sri Lanka, award-winning artist Rubert Soysa studied art at the Government College of Fine Arts in 1973. He held his first solo show at the Vansbro Public Library in Sweden and thereafter continued to exhibit his work in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Syria, Cuba, Bulgaria, India, South Korea and throughout Europe.

Rubert Soysa
Rubert Soysa

His series ‘Journey of Life’ portrays the emotions that are carried within human life as it journeys in time from one stage to another amidst needs, wants and hurdles. His paintings combine both figurative and abstract form as he intends to take art to a higher level by drawing the viewer toward a sense of contentment and making them able to counterpart with them.

Drawing inspiration from artists around the world such as Pablo Picasso, M. F. Husain, Frank Auerbach and Willem de Kooning, Rubert incorporates both Asian and European cultures into his work.

The exhibition is open until November 23 at the Paradise Road Galleries, Alfred House Road, Colombo 3 daily from 10 am to midnight.