The College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka has called on the government, health authorities and officials to conduct nationwide audits regarding issues in critical care, morbidity and mortality in relation to anaesthetizing and surgeries while ensuring the safety of patients.

President of the College, Dr. Kanishka Indraratne has also bemoaned the shortage of 150 consultant anaesthesiologists in the country at present.

He noted that as a result, the service being provided currently is unsatisfactory.

It is a requirement that there must be consultant anaesthesiologists as their presence is vital to ensure quality and safety in hospitals with regard to the performance of surgeries such as heart, neurological and maternity besides intensive care.

The government and the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine is concerned with the issue and are in the process of taking measures to increase the number of trainees enrolled in the Institute to be trained as anaesthesiologists.

But Dr. Indraratne said that this will take time and the problem will remain until a permanent solution is found.

He also requested patients to bring to his notice problems they encounter during the practice of anesthesia and drawbacks faced during surgery.  RLJ