The Constitutional Assembly (CA) says that its interim report of the Steering Committee would along with the reports of the six Sub-Committees of the CA be submitted to them shortly.

The Sub-Committees have focused on areas such as fundamental rights, the judiciary, law and order, public finance, the public service and centre-periphery relations.

Officials tasked with the administration of the CA said that a round of meetings commenced this week with regard to the said interim report which is currently in preparation.

“The terms of the principles of the Constitution are what will be submitted to the CA while the matter concerning drafting and the language used in drafting would have to be worked out subsequently”, an official said.

“All of the above will be subject to debate in the CA and the agreements reached regarding it”.

The trend at present is to create people-friendly legislation and therefore the drafting team comprised those from the Attorney General’s Department and the Legal Draftsman’s Department have been trained by international experts on plain language in constitutional texts.

Apart from the CA and the Steering Committee, there has been a panel of experts who have been appointed to assist in the process. RLJ