He may not have technically crashed this wedding, but Bradley Cooper definitely caused some picture-perfect moments. Over the weekend, the Oscar nominee made a surprise appearance at a family friend’s wedding in Washington, D.C. at his very own alma mater, Georgetown University.

“Here’s a sneak peek from Meg and Nick’s private ceremony this past weekend! Their friend, Bradley Cooper, was visiting Georgetown and made sure to congratulate the newlyweds as they walked around campus,” the couple’s photographer explained on Instagram.  By Monday, the groom’s father, famed journalist Mike Barnicle appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where he frequently offers political commentary. However, this morning, the topic on everyone’s mind was his son’s wedding and their celebrity guest.
“That was in Georgetown right before the wedding with Bradley Cooper, who caught the bouquet,” he told co-host Mika Brzezinski.
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