Nobel Prize for literature – Bob Dylan
In unprecedented admiration of his work, the Nobel Prize for literature in 2016 was awarded to American singer and songwriter Bob Dylan. Though he has ten Grammys to his name, as well as a Pulitzer, it was a surprise for one not in the literary canon to win such a prestigious award. He has been called the voice of a generation, giving words to the feelings of many during the 60s as he sang about the social troubles of the time. Many, including President Obama, have spoken about his influence which continues to permeate the song-writing industry. While some have debated that others surpass him in writing skill, it is argued that Dylan was the one who pioneered that style of work, thus deserving of the award.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej
King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Thailand’s monarch since he took the role in 1946 at the tender age of 18, passed away leading the country into a year of mourning. Many took to the streets to show their grief at the demise of one that some even thought of as almost divine.

An outpouring of emotion on social media followed as well, with scores of people changing their profile pictures to simple black and white tributes, others posting pictures of the king, some of him in a dreamy after-world. The king was highly revered and had some political influence in his lifetime. Since he was the first king since the end of Thailand’s absolute monarchy that ended in 1932, it will be interesting to see how the monarchy proceeds from here onwards.

Star Wars movie Rogue One
The next Star Wars movie – a standalone story starring Felicity Jones and called Rogue One released a new trailer and character posters. The new trailer affords a glimpse of Darth Vader (voiced by returning James Earl Jones), teasing a rebellion. The movie is set after the prequels but before the original trilogy, making it a nostalgic trip for most fans. Rogue One will also be the first Star Wars film to not feature a score by John Williams – instead Michael Giacchino will take on the formidable role. Giacchino is known for his scores of the Star Trek movies and the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. The movie is set to be released in November 2016 while Episode VIII is due to be released December 2017.

Bernard Salt
Bernard Salt, a writer at the magazine The Australian, would probably not understand it if people called him ‘salty’ for his recent article attacking millennials. The word has the recent usage of meaning ‘upset’ and Salt’s article is an attempt at self-aware humour, mocking hipster cafes. In one paragraph he laments that young people spend 22$ on smashed avocados on toast, a meal that he can afford because he has already “raised [his] family” but that they should save up this unnecessary expense and put it towards a deposit on a house. One tweeter mocked that if he gave up a breakfast each week he could save towards a deposit in 175 years. With the price of houses skyrocketing, the article was met with much ridicule.