The Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management announced that they would set the foundation for the formulation of a national water policy next week beginning with a top-level Ministry and State departmental and institutional level stakeholder meeting.
Secretary, Ministry of Irrigation, R.M.W. Ratnayake said that they were at present in the final phase of revising the Irrigation Ordinance, adding that although discussions had taken place six months ago, it had subsequently been decided to revise the said Ordinance first before touching on the subject of the formulation of a national water policy.

“There is definitely a need for a national water policy as there is no overall one, yet this subject is an extremely broad and complex one, so much so that one does not know where or how to begin addressing it or what should go into it”, Ratnayake said.

The complexity was partially due to the fact that aspects of the said subject came under the purview of various line institutions such as the Ministry, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB), the Govi Jana Sewa, the Pradeshiya Sabhas, government agents and others.

“The matter of formulating the national water policy will be handled by the Ministry,” said Ratnayake.