Thilak Weerasinghe

Lanka Sportreizen, the leading Travel Agency specialised in water sports and nature based activities in Sri Lanka, who early this month conducted the SLR Colombo Marathon, are embarking on a new venture. They are on the road to conducting a mega cycle race in Sri Lanka in February next year.

Like the Colombo Marathon, this cycle race, too, will see many foreign participants  participating. They will also reward the winners with attractive cash prizes to induce the participants to enter the race. It will also provide additional challenges to the Sri Lankan riders who wish to contest future international races.

The race will be named ‘Sri Lanka Tea Cup’ and will be run over three days.

“We have the experience in organising such an event as we have helped in conducting the cycle race called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in coordination with the Cycling Federation of Sri Lanka some time back. We are still at discussion level on this race and working on the rout,” said Samith Perera from Lanka Sportreizen who is in the organising committee.

Chairman of Lanka Sportreizen Thilak Weerasinghe also plays a big role in organising the events.

The first day will see the race being run from Parsikuda to Mahiyangana, the second day from Mahiyangana to Kandy and the third day from Kandy to Negombo, where the prize presentation will take place.

Once again the travel agency is holding talks with SriLankan Airlines to come as the main sponsor. They also want to attract other generous sponsors to make this event a great success and attract large crowds to witness the races.

“The purpose is to promote Sri Lanka as a sporting destination and attract tourists here and indulge in sports activities,” concluded Samith Perera.