Swiss Nationals and the young generation of Sri Lankan expatriates were able to explore the finest corners of culture and trade of Sri Lanka on Swiss soil after several decades at a three-day event organized by Vidarshana Munasinghe, Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Zurich, Switzerland. The festival lasted from September 9 to 11, 2016 and was held in the City Hall of Bülach, close to the Zurich International Airport. Number of senior officials from Swiss Foreign Ministry, residence ambassadors, Swiss dignitaries and many religious dignitaries joined Sri Lankan officials designated to WTO and UN to inaugurate the
Sri Lanka Festival.

At the event, Sri Lankan expatriates and Swiss citizens were brought together in order to promote Sri Lanka as a fascinating destination for tourism and trade.

“There were 28 stalls offering Sri Lankan Culinary and 22 stalls exhibiting other commercial products from Sri Lanka throughout the event. Visitors were able to taste different Sri Lankan fresh foods prepared on the spot and also fresh young coconuts, pineapples, mangoes and rambutan brought from Sri Lanka especially for the festival. Among many other things, visitors enjoyed the dancing performances of
Sri Lankan artistes which depicted vibrant and multifaceted culture of
Sri Lanka,” a statement from the Consulate said.