The Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government last week announced that it would get tough with new regulations for garbage disposal where the public will have to segregate them as degradable and non-degradable in different bags before they are collected from next month onwards.

Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government, Faiszer Mustapha addressing a press briefing on Thursday (20) said the government would introduce by-laws that would allow local authorities to collect garbage separately.

Unless garbage is separated into different bags they will not be collected from homes, offices, business premises in all provinces from 1st November, 2016 In addition, the government is also bringing in new laws to prevent individuals from dumping waste on roads and public places. Mustapha during a special meeting with the Provincial Council Commissioners of the nine provinces and the heads of the Police Environmental Unit said anyone disregarding the regulations and harassing the public will be prosecuted.

Police Environmental Unit Director H.H. Chulasinghe who participated in the meeting said that the public can inform them by dialing their emergency hotline for tip-offs on culprits who dump garbage in public places.

The Minister said that at the same time they will also push further with the colour code for garbage segregation at homes.

Green will be for food and vegetable waste, Orange for polythene and plastics, Blue for papers and card boards and Red for glasses will be used.

He also added that the ministry has already started discussions with a number of private companies which are willing to buy dried wastage for recycling. Minister Mustapha revealed that some companies have already given their consent to buy even clinical wastage.

He added that they had no plan of making it an income for the local authorities but as a solution to the garbage all over public places.

He further said that both the President and the Prime Minister had given their blessings and cooperation for the move.