“Miley’s sexuality is something that has always attracted Liam to Miley. He loves how affectionate and sensual she is with him. Liam appreciates how Miley is a creative genius not just as a musician, but in the bedroom too!” says a source.

The Voice coach, 23, said that she doesn’t identify as female or male and that she considers herself pansexual. “Once I understood my gender more, which was unassigned, then I understood my sexuality more. I was like, ‘Oh — that’s why I don’t feel straight and I don’t feel gay. It’s because I’m not.’”

Miley said she often never identified with doing all the girly things that women usually live for. “I know some girls that love getting their nails done. I f***ing hated it. My nails look like sh*t. I don’t wax my eyebrows. I never related to loving being a girl. And then, being a boy didn’t sound fun to me. I think the LGBTQ alphabet could continue forever. But there’s a ‘P’ that should happen, for ‘pansexual.’”
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