A few TV shows have the privilege of making it to 100 episodes, but for Arrow it’s an extra-special milestone: the landmark episode just so happens to fall on the same week as the CW’s big four-way superhero crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

But executive producer Marc Guggenheim says that in addition to the extra superheroes in attendance, the hour will also pay tribute to the work of the Arrow cast and crew over the past five years. “The challenge was we’ve only got 42 minutes and it’s the middle part of a three-part story, and at the same time it’s the 100th episode,” Guggenheim says.
How do you honour the Arrow milestone while also incorporating DC TV’s biggest stars? “I think Greg [Berlanti] came up with an idea that—I don’t want to spoil it—really does allow us to have our cake and eat it too,” he adds. “I haven’t seen the episode all cut together yet, but it has some incredibly iconic moments. It is a love letter to the show. It draws on all previous 99 episodes, pretty much.”

He continues, “Everyone who we could have in the episode from a scheduling point of view is in the episode. Even the people who we couldn’t have because of conflicting schedules are represented. At the same time, you’ve got Flash and Supergirl and that’s an enormous amount of fun. I think certainly the recruits also play a very large role, an important role in the episode. I’m really excited about it.”

Plus, star Stephen Amell does some of his best work so far. “There’s one moment in it that I think is probably Stephen’s finest performance to date,” Guggenheim teases. “This one scene that really has two moments within the one scene that is just—it’ll break your heart. It’ll take your heart, pull it out and stomp it on the floor. It’s very, very affecting. It’s all on Stephen’s back and it’s incredible. Willa [Holland]’s amazing in the episode. Everyone obviously brought their A-game to it but I’m really excited about it.”
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