(From left to right) Dulari Fernando, Saroja Sirisena, Sulochana Sigera, Vireshika Bandara, Pushpa Samarakkody, Vijitha Samarakkodige.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Indian Women Network (IWN) National Summit held on September 28 and 29, 2016 at Mumbai India, was represented by Women in Management team by an invitation to represent Sri Lankan Women Leadership. The event was attended by 400 participants representing every state in India. This summit was to encourage female talent and is a strategy that is particularly characteristic of developing economies that prioritize future workforce planning, change management and preparing for impending disruptive change.

WIM Chairperson, Sulochana Segera was invited to deliver a special speech on Women and Gender related to Sri Lanka. Addressing the gathering she said: “Sri Lanka being a matriarchal society that has traditionally treated women with dignity and respect, entailing freedom of education, marriage and vocational training, currently witness a commendable gender balance in the number of students pursing academic and professional education and the workforce that enter the job market”. However, the progression of women beyond middle management positions in businesses remains low and the top echelons of the corporate sector are still dominated by males. This is however not phenomena limited to Sri Lanka, but rather a global concern that has gained considerable visibility in the political and corporate arena of the recent past.

The research conducted by LMRC 2009/2010 in Sri Lanka revealed representation of the Board of Directors was merely 8%. And the representation in the next level known as the Board of Management was 21%. Further she elaborated on a recent study done using Hofsted module, Sri Lanka’s culture through the lens of the 6-D Model
In the same summit Sri Lankan Consulate General to Mumabi, Saroja Sirisena sat as a panelist at the Diplomatic Forum representing Sri Lankan, Canadian, Brazilian and South African diplomats.

WIM Chairperson said that WIM’s main objective is to brand Sri Lankan women internationally for their talents, competencies and achievements so that our women do not have to be self-lower to the international job market but can compete equally with other countries.