Luke Cage
Luke Cage, the third superhero centred Marvel TV series to debut after Daredevil and Jessica Jones, hit Netflix and almost broke it with the amount of people who scrambled to binge watch the new series. The character was first introduced in Jessica Jones as a man with unbreakable skin, and though it’s set after the former, we do finally get an origin story for the hero otherwise known as Power Man. While Daredevil explored the criminal underbelly of Hell’s Kitchen (the city where it’s set) and Jessica Jones looked at women in the aftermath of traumatic experiences, Luke Cage explores the very current topic of being black in America. The series is exciting and topical, which sets a high bar for Marvel’s next series: Iron Fist due next year.

Playboy magazine revamped
Playboy magazine, mostly known for its lewd content, recently decided not to feature any photographs of nude women as they revamped the magazine. In light of this, they’ve also featured a Muslim woman in a hijab – a controversial decision to most. Noor Tagouri, a young American journalist, was featured in an article titled ‘Renegades’ and she appeared in a black moto jacket, jeans, sneakers and headscarf, self titled a ‘badass activist’. Most of the controversy stems from the nature of the magazine, but Tagouri herself gives an interview that is worth reading. Aiming to be the first hijabi anchor on mainstream US television, she said that she was aware of what it was like to be misrepresented so she was committed to tell stories as they were.

Clowns spotting
Most people have a fear of clowns – something about the garish colours of their ridiculous costumes and the exaggerated painted smile just puts people off, and creepy clowns have been used in movies and cartoons many times. Now, a craze is sweeping countries worldwide. Spotting of clowns, some wielding knives and sticks, have upset children, with one clown following a group of four children to school with a knife. The sightings first started in the USA, but then spread to other countries. It is largely thought to be a prank as Halloween looks, and most clowns are thought to have no criminal intent. However, it has also been surmised that what started off as a prank could have serious consequences should anyone wish to use the costume with something else in mind. Police therefore are urging people not to dress up as clowns, as the sightings distract them from actual crimes.

Donald Trump flounders
Donald Trump’s latest mistake marks a withdrawal of a series of Republic support from his campaign, including Senator John McCain. The Republican candidate for President was heard describing what many agree to be sexual assault, which he apologised for while also brushing it off as ‘lockerroom talk’. The insinuation that all men speak like this sparked outrage online, with men and women describing their awful experiences which comments like this normalise. As he floundered in the second debate, many are wondering if he will step down and his running mate Mike Pence will step up, but that remains to be seen.