Preity Zinta says she does not like the way photographers pounce on her to take pictures as it makes the actress uncomfortable. The 41-year-old star slammed the increasing paparazzi culture in the country, saying these days no one politely asks for a photograph.

In a series of tweets the actress wrote, “I would like to tell everyone (specially the photographers with big flashes) that lurk in the dark a few things. Please don’t jump on us or push our parents or kids or friends and family for a photo.

Ask politely or you will never get a proper photo!” She further said that photographers should not “make news” saying that stars misbehaved with them, because if their bodyguards push lensmen, they have a valid reason.

Preity was quick to take on body shamers, writing, “Next time you take my picture don’t look for body parts you can circle or put in a loop later on to body shame me & make money for you ?? You & Me – we both have to live here.
The Indian Express