Google churned out a line of flops over the years – Google glass, its high profile consumer glass, and its first phone Moto X. Let’s hope their new phone, Pixel, is not a flop. Experts in the tech field and reviewers seem to believe that the Pixel will survive the test of time. After all Google Pixel C the gaming tab is doing just fine. It was rumoured that Google will later ditch the brand Nexus to Pixel and the phones themselves will be built by HTC.

Best smartphone camera
Google Pixel was launched on October 4. At the launch Google touted the camera announcing that it’s the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made, with a DxOMark score of 89. Camara expert, Isaac Reynolds posted a number of photos taken with the Pixel and Pixel XL, by Google’s own engineering team.

Reviewers have complemented on how well the 12.3 MP camera exposed back-lit scenes, with little to no shutter lag, picture quality and colour reproduction and impressive video stabilization.

Google Assistant
The Pixel also boasts of free unlimited media storage. Pixel’s personal assistant is perhaps even more advanced than its counterparts, Microsoft’s Cortana and iPhon’e Siri. According to Forbes reviewer, Jay McGregor, the Google Assistant – yes, that’s its name – is clever enough to have a two-way conversation with. For example, if you ask, “What Italian restaurants are nearby?” Assistant will deliver. But it’ll also let you ask follow up questions, like “which one is closest,” “reserve a table for me” and then “navigate me to that restaurant,” which then brings up Maps.

You can interact with Google Assistant using Google Allo, google’s messaging app. You can type questions and also ask follow up questions. This allows the personal assistance to learn from your conversations and provide tailor made assistance in future, making it more than an amusing gimmick.

Free unlimited storage
Happy news for those who haven’t already bought an iPhone 7 or a Samsung…ehem… Note 7, if you intend to buy a Pixel, you get free, unlimited, Drive storage for all photos and videos, even at full resolution.

Faster charging
It also affords faster charging. Google claims that Pixel lasts seven hours on a 15 minute charge. But it depends on how the device is used.

Snapdragon 821
Pixel is the first smartphone to use the Qualcomm’s 821 chipset. According to reviews it affords 10 per cent faster CPU speed over the 820, and a five per cent bump in gaming performance.

The downside? The price. At a $819, the Pixel XL will break your bank. Bad news for nexus users who bought the priciest Nexus, 128 GB 6P for just $649. The cheapest Nexus was $170.