Hello folks! It’s finally the weekend and all of us busy bodies relax and unwind. Wouldn’t it just be fabulous if you could learn to pick the perfect outfit for the whole week and the weekend meet-ups and gatherings. This column will feature many upcoming fashion designers, graduates of textile and fashion and of course models. They will contribute in giving their opinions and creative ideas to give you a whole new outlook, new wardrobe and your own personal style.

Let’s rock this world with grace and punk-rock in style.

Let’s start from the basics. There are two key points to consider when selecting the outfit which flatters you the most:

i. Physical attributes;
ii. Social and occasional factors.

We have our own unique height, body shapes, skin tones, hair and eyes. It makes us all beautiful in our own ways. These are the physical attributes to consider. Then we have the social norms yelling at us giving us headaches on what to wear and what not to. But, those are to be considered according to your personality. If you are bold and daring and wild, well it’s different for you. If you are elegant and graceful and reserved, it is totally different for you. If you are a mix of everything, then take over the world girl. You’ve got limitless choices.

Then we’ve got different occasions which got to be conquered differently. Occasions range from going to work, hanging out, partying and all the glamourous events.
Occasional factors to consider:

i. Time of the event;
ii. Place;
iii. Type of event.

And then the cultural and social norms! Girls, it’s always nice to respect the culture and go crazy within that wide area of endless choices. Because culture makes us civilised, after all this paradise island is a very cultural and beautiful country.

So far so good, we’ve bagged some key points to look into the next time we go shopping. Talking about shopping! I was given some advice by a graduate of Textile Engineering from the Moratuwa University when I went for shopping to shop for a top. Let’s see what he had to say:

Physical attributes

i. Height
“If you are a tall beauty, go for waist length jackets and blazers, if you are a sweet petite then monotone colours, V neck and proper fitting clothes,” said Sanjeewa, a Moratuwa University Textile Engineering graduate.

Tall girls can wear skinny jeans in neutral colours such as blue, black and brown. For petite girls, flared jeans accentuate the height but only a little flared. There are a lot of tips even for accessories height-wise, stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks!

ii. Body shape
There are four main body types; Apple, Pear, Hour glass and Rectangle. Each of these unique figures must be dressed differently to accentuate and highlight the best assets.
For apple shaped ladies, maxi dresses which don’t draw attention to midriff are perfect.
Pear body shape can rock mid-rise jeans which would balance the body shape.
Hour glass figure, key is to flatter the slim waist-line and avoid clothes that will look ‘boxy’.

Rectangle body shaped ladies can rock clothes which gives a curvy nature to the figure.
Since we all compare us to models and actresses, here are some celebrities who are of these four body shapes;

Apple – Anjelina Jolie, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson
Pear – Beyonce Knowles, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez
Hour Glass – Kim Kardashian, Marylin Monroe, Sophia Loren
Rectangle – Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, Queen Latifah

iii. Skin tone
“Skin tones vary from warm to cool; being Sri Lankans we mostly have warm beige or cool under toned skin colours. For warm beige skin tones, colours that will complement are warm charcoal, brown, off-white, maroon, olive green, mustard, and pumpkin. The skin tone of a winter skinned person is cool brown, olive, rose, beige or porcelain. For them the colours that match are taupe, black, white, purple, emerald green, cobalt blue, blue and red,” versatile Sanjeewa added.

iv. Hair
If you have a hair colour then the attire should match the colour. If not the attire should match the texture of your hair. If it’s wet and messy, then go for casual messy crazy wild attire. If the hair is sleek and shiny, then dress prim and proper somewhat grand but casual, maybe boots and trouser with a nice top.

v. Eye colour
Now this is exiting girls! Most common eye-colours are brown and black. To address it in a general manner I should say brown-eyed girls should go for khaki greens, soft pinks, rich blue hues and gold. And dark black-eyed girls rock, purple, grey, orange, green, pink, blue, and golden browns.

Long gone will be the days that you look at your wardrobe and sigh thinking you have nothing to wear.

We’ve gone through a summary of physical attributes so let’s take a ride in detailed and interesting fashion ideas in the upcoming weeks. Let’s find what to wear and where to wear it and how to wear it and how to find the perfect style.

Feel free to email me at and send your suggestions and queries to which I will help you out with. Let’s rock this world girls.

Apple Shape
Apple Shape
Pear Shape
Pear Shape
Hour Glass Shape
Hour Glass Shape
Rectangle Shape
Rectangle Shape