The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has started to seek the opinion of its members on crucial economic and business issues via an ‘Online Poll’, system, thus launching another medium, it will use in the future to engage with its members and also other relevant stakeholders.

The latest move is already launched via the CCC website and will also be promoted to members via the social media platform and also dispatched to the email addresses and mobile phones of the members, thus paving the way for a quick feedback on crucial issues affecting businesses.

Accordingly, the Chamber as its first ‘Online Poll,’ have launched a survey to ascertain the opinion of its members and the interested stakeholders on‘why Sri Lanka’s Exports are declining’.

The ongoing poll forwards six possible reasons, which might be causing the downfall of local exports and the voters can choose one or more of the given ‘reason’ which they think are causing the steady slide in local exports during the last one and half decades.