Kim Kardashian robbed at gun point
Kim Kardashian, arguably the most famous reality star in the world right now – was robbed at gunpoint at her apartment in a hotel in France. The star was asleep when five men in masks stormed her apartment and tied her up, leaving her in the bathroom as they raided the room for jewellery. The men were allegedly dressed as policemen, but despite the robbery Kardashian is reported to have been left unharmed. Her stolen jewellery amounts to 10 million dollars according to estimated reports.

Her husband Kanye West was at a show which he had to cut short saying it was a ‘family emergency’. The incident has sparked a debate online, with some revelling in the robbery and others urging people to treat this seriously.


iPhone 7 pulls a Samsung and explodes
Reports of an iPhone 7 exploding hit the internet a few days ago, inviting comparisons to the disaster that Samsung had to go through with its own recent Note 7 smartphone. Pictures of a badly damaged iPhone 7 were uploaded to Reddit, with the explanation that it had happened in transit – while the phone was on its way from the store. The extent of the damage – even the packaging is ruined – is thought to be the cause of external pressure on the phone rather than the phone’s battery, which would have been dormant and brand new, exploding due to heat, which was how the Note 7 phones exploded. The incident appears to be isolated and therefore there appears to be no cause for alarm.


Stolen Van Gogh paintings recovered
Two stolen Van Gogh paintings were recovered in Amsterdam by Italian police 14 years after they went missing. One of the paintings is reported to be damaged in one corner but both are otherwise in good condition. The Van Gogh museum is glad to see the return of the paintings, after they are used as evidence in a trial. Both stolen paintings are significant, to the museum and to Van Gogh. One is only one of two seascapes that Van Gogh painted of the Netherlands and the other features the church in which his father served as a minister. He added mourning veils to the churchgoers after the death of his father.

Yoshinori Ohsumi awarded Nobel Prize

Yoshinori Ohsumi, a biologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology for his research into autophagy. The word ‘autophagy’ is also known as ‘self-eating’. The process – which involves cells destroying parts of themselves to transport it to another compartment – was discovered in the 1990s to be a recycling plant of sorts and can help with diseases that plague the elderly.

Obama shouts ‘Bill, let’s go’
An amusing video of Obama shouting to Bill Clinton to get into an airplane is doing the rounds online. Former president Bill Clinton was not known for his punctuality and Obama adjusted the sleeves on his shirt while yelling ‘Bill, let’s go!’ at least three times. He laughs as well and finally Clinton goes up the stairs and the two of them board the plane arm-in-arm.