Aries (Mesha)
Your 7th House is due to become weak when Venus moves into your 8th House on October 13.  However, Saturn–Venus combination due to form in the 8th House will greatly mitigate the evil effects of the Ashtamaya Shani Erashtaka which you are going through.  Meanwhile, exalted Mercury–Sun combination in Virgo in the 6th House can bring you power, influence, authority and success in contests and competitions. The month ahead is favourable for those in positions of authority.  Lagnadhipati Mars now in the friendly sign of Sagittarius in Bhagyasthana holds out gainful travel, general prosperity and happiness.

Leo (Simha)
Your 4th House will gain immense strength when Venus commanding Digbala in this House moves into it to become conjunct with Saturn by the weekend. You can look forward to a remarkable change for the better in your domestic situation in addition to success in educational pursuits and much relief from anxiety and worries.  Rahu continuing to transit in your Lagna makes you dynamic, energetic and proactive, but you have to avoid taking hasty decisions and rash action.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
The malefic influence that Saturn in the 12th House exerts on you will get greatly diluted when Venus begins his transit in this House beginning October 13. Exalted Mercury conjunct with Sun now in your 10th House or Karmasthana assures a sharp rise in your status, career and fame as well as in your living comforts if your Dasas too are favourable. This will nullify or greatly mitigate the ill-effects Jupiter in your 10th House is due to produce. Mars in the Lagna makes you bold and dynamic, but prone to accidents.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
Lagnadhipati Venus due to begin transit in Scorpio in your 7th from October 13 in conjunction with Yogakaraka Saturn, the lord of the 9th and 10th gives rise to a very favourable position that brings success and high achievements if your Dasas are also favourable. Meanwhile, Sun-Mercury-Jupiter combination in the 5th House continues to bestow high recognition and rewards for your skills and efforts in the fields of art, academics and sports and gains and happiness from children are strongly indicated.

Virgo (Kanya)
You are likely to experience a decline in your income and even a dip in your positive thinking with the exit of Venus from your 2nd House by the weekend. However, exalted Lagnadhipati Mercury in the Lagna conjunct with Sun generating the effects of several favourable yogas such as Amala, Bhadra and Budha Aditya holds out a successful week ahead. Sun transiting in the Lagna, imbues you with drive, dynamism and self-confidence.
Foreign travel for those running Rahu Maha Dasa in particular is strongly indicated.

Capricorn (Makara)
Your 9th House has gained strength with Mercury moving back into it to gain exaltation.  Jupiterinthis House continues to bring you fame, high status, gainful travels and general prosperity among many other benefits. Native would rise to a higher position and if he is in politics; he would become a Minister or even someone of higher status depending on the present circumstances. However, Mars in your 12th House is a warning for you to be on guard to counter circumstances that can bring you into disrepute and disagreeable situations.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Success in contests and competitions, a whip hand over enemies and rivals, a marked improvement in the financial position and robust health are on the cards thanks to the Venus-Saturn combination due to form on October 13 when Venus moves into the 6th House. Enhanced Living comforts, success in educational pursuits and peace and harmony in the family are indicated due to the Sun gaining much strength due to being conjunct with an exalted Mercury in the 4th House.

Libra (Thula)
Your Lagna will lose its immense strength when Swakshetra Lagnadhipati Venus moves over to your 2nd House to be conjunct with Saturn, a Yogakaraka. But this loss will get greatly redeemed when the 2nd House becomes very strong with the Venus – Saturn combination which is capable of conferring on you enhanced wealth and imbuing you with a positive mindset.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
Venus–Saturn conjunction due to form as the combine of the Ascendant lord and the 9th House in your 10th House by the weekend is highly auspicious for your career. An exalted Mercury in the 8th House amounts to life insurance cover. Your 7th House has got further strengthened with the retrograde Mercury moving back into it. Mars now beginning transit in your 11th House is a warning for you to act with tact and diplomacy with your friends and associates if you are to continue to be in good terms with them.

Cancer (Kataka)
Venus moving into your 5th House on October 13 will greatly mitigate the malefic effects that Saturn already in this House likely to produce. If both Saturn and Venus were strong at birth, you can look forward to happiness from children, success in the fields of art, science and sports. Prospects of enhanced power and authority for natives holding high office in politics and executive grades remain bright with a strong Sun continuing transit in the 3rd and a strong Mars in the 6th House.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
Venus due to enter your Lagna on October 13 will greatly mitigate the ill-effects Saturn in the Lagna brings on you at least for a short spell. Enhanced wealth, business success and patronage from high-ups are assured by the exalted Mercury–Sun combination in the 11th House. A journey to a distant place is in the offing. Jupiter-Mercury combination in the 10th House is very favourable.

Pisces (Meena)
Your Bhagyasthana (9th House) will gain much strength when Venus conjoins Saturn already posited in it by the weekend. You can look forward to general prosperity, higher status and gainful travels due to their beneficial influence. Meanwhile, your Lagna has gained immense strength from the direct aspect of exalted Mercury, Sun and Jupiter, a factor that contributes to your physical and mental wellbeing while imbuing you with self-confidence and a sense of integrity.