Under the theme ‘Driving Growth and Sustainability – A Business Case for Micro-insurance’ the 12th International Micro-insurance conference will take place in Sri Lanka from November 15 to 17, 2016.

Organizers expect approximately 400 participants and experts from around the world to congregate, discuss and identify ways of accelerating growth and economic viability in

The conference will be hosted by the Insurance Association of Sri Lanka (IASL), in cooperation with the Munich Re Foundation and the Micro-insurance Network.

Experts have already noted that the micro-insurance sector has experienced persistent growth in client outreach and premium volumes over the past ten years and today more than 260 million low-income citizens in developing countries are covered by an insurance policy.

Nonetheless, many people are still without cover. With the global middle class expected to grow to nearly five billion within two decades, insurers around the globe are looking at billions of people who are without a safety net and at risk of slipping back into poverty.

The need to   respond   to  this situation by improving supply to meet the increasing demand will be the main focus of the 12th International Micro-insurance   Conference that will be attended by representatives from insurance and reinsurance companies, investment funds, international organizations, NGOs and development-aid agencies as well as academics, policymakers and supervisory regulators.

Participants will exchange views on current growth trends and risks in emerging markets and discuss key factors for successful implementation and maximized business opportunities to take supply and demand to the next level.

The conference will feature panel discussions on key topics addressing an inter-disciplinary audience while the keynote speeches will cover the latest international, national and local insights.

Presenters at this event will discuss methods to meet the growing demands of the global middle  class for insurance with a focus on trends and risks in emerging markets.

The topics will include distribution models, technology, regulation and performance tracking as well as product development and underwriting in areas concerning health, life, property, agriculture, insurance paired with other financial products and insurance bought through mobile phones.