Radhika Apte’s sex scene in her movie Parched has been in the news for quite sometime now. From being leaked online to being circulated on WhatsApp, this scene has got her a lot of unwanted attention, but she remains unfazed despite the drama. In an interview to Mid-Day, Radhika spoke at length about how hilarious the shoot was. She elaborated that the biggest challenge was not being naked in front of the camera but to find a sock that adequately covered her co-star Adil Hussain’s modesty. Here’s what she said when asked about the preparations they had to make –

We kept cracking up all through. Your body is the last thing you are conscious about when shooting a sex scene. It was inside a cave and had we not found the sock, the shooting would have been delayed. The unit thought an erotic dance sequence was being shot.
Adil even honestly told her to expect the unexpected, here’s what his exact words were – I am sorry if I get a hard-on and I am sorry if I don’t.
Miss Malini