An infographic produced by the global publishing, research and consultancy firm Oxford Business Group (OBG) charts Sri Lanka’s journey towards global integration and its efforts along the way to boost broader-based foreign direct investment (FDI).

OBG’s infographics are essential, at-a-glance tools that provide readers and viewers with a facts-and-figures summary of a market’s latest economic development. Brief and to the point, they complement the in-depth, sector-by-sector coverage in OBG’s country reports.

Data shows that FDI into Sri Lanka increased more than three-fold in the decade to 2014, with infrastructure the top recipient.

OBG’s infographic noted tourism’s rising contribution to GDP, with foreign arrivals up 18% in 2015 and expected to more than double by 2020. It also highlighted the positive impact that strong tourism growth was having on real estate, especially hotel supply, with stock rising by 35.7% in the three years to 2014 and further luxury developments in
the pipeline.