The cream of Sri Lanka’s apparel brands showcased their products at the first of an annual ramp extravaganza, Royal Turf Club SLABA Runway 2016, on September 22. Organized by the Sri Lanka Apparel Brands Association (SLABA) together with The Royal Turf Club and the Export Development Board, it flaunted over 180 outfits, showcasing 20 brands, modelled by 24 of Sri Lanka’s leading models. The fashion show was choreographed by Brian Kerkoven.
(Pics by Chamila Karunarathne)

royal-turf-club-2 royal-turf-club-3 royal-turf-club-4 royal-turf-club-5 royal-turf-club-6 royal-turf-club-7 royal-turf-club-8 royal-turf-club-9 royal-turf-club-10