If you’re a guest speaker
If you’re a guest speaker, be mindful that you are in the spotlight and what you wear can either distract or support your message. There are several factors to consider: One of the most important is to be aware that you need to be clearly seen by attendees sitting in the first row to the last, as well as appear flattering in up-close video or Instagram shots and don’t forget live streaming instant video such as Twitter’s Periscope. The right neckline, silhouette, colour, and pattern/print are crucial.

The best style strategy is to opt for clothing that enhances or creates an hourglass and/or elongated shape to avoid your body frame looking like a solid block. Colours, prints, and designs that allow you to stand out appropriately and that do not clash with the stage backdrop or distort video footage are equally important.

Below is a trailhead-inspired, modern, cargo vest in navy blue layered over a basic white, sleeveless (or long-sleeve, as preferred) top paired with light khaki, cropped, crepe trouser pants. Accessories include golden, snake-shaped earrings; a complementary long, bead, Y-necklace; and a bold, sculptural ring. Add retro, tortoise sunglasses; a roomy, caramel, zippered, pebbled-leather tote bag along with fall-inspired navy blue, suede, block-heel sandal-booties and comfy, animal-print covered shoes to be worn post talk. Feel free to swap the high heels for boots, low-wedges or flats on-off stage, as preferred.

If you’re an attendee
If you’re an attendee, take comfort as well as style into consideration when planning what to wear. Each day is a long affair, and being distracted by throbbing feet, a fussy handbag or fidgeting with your look in any way is no fun. Below are two fashion-forward, professionally-polished, yet versatile, looks.

The first look features an adventuresome, olive green utility jacket layered over a botanical-print blouse paired with lightly distressed, dark-wash denim jeans. Accessorize with geo-shaped, aviator sunglasses; oversized, crescent hoop earrings; a slim, black, FitBit tracker; a large, saddle bag and snake-embossed, cushioned, leather sneakers. Swap the sneakers for boots, flats or heels, as preferred.

The second look features a nature-inspired, floral embroidered bomber jacket paired with a classic, white, cotton top and khaki, cargo pants. Accessories include sparkly, bumblebee earrings; a small, handsfree, two-toned, black backpack for ease of movement throughout the day.
Add comfy, plush shearling trail boots and trendy all-black, polarized aviator sunglasses for outdoor activities. Swap the bomber jacket for hoodie and the boots for heels or flats, as preferred.