Sri Lanka’s vehicle registrations rose to 41,798 units in August from 35,775 in July, with motorcycles picking up to 29,365 units from 25,025 units followed by a steep acceleration in the categories of small cars, three-wheelers, and mini trucks, an analysis of vehicle registry data showed.

According to JB Securities, motor car registrations in August were 3,011 units, up from 2,596 units the previous month, although significantly down from a high of 14,544 in September.

Brand new segment registrations recorded 1,738 units in the month, up from 1,438 units the previous month. Maruti recorded 632 units (Alto – 405, Celerio – 213 units) slightly down from 633 units the previous month.

Renault Kwid recorded 406 units in the month, a steep jump up from 72 units the previous month – this is a direct competitor to the Maruti Alto at a similar price range (Rs 2.1 million) and engine (800cc). Since Renault is linked up with Nissan globally, the agent is AMW thus one firm is controlling the two best-selling small cars.

Micro Panda recorded 151 units followed by Hyunda Eon with 94 units and Perodua with 82 units. Financing share on small cars is 64.5%.

Pre-owned car registrations recorded 1,273 units in Aug significantly down from 3,891 units 12 months ago. Toyota recorded 492 units, Suzuki recorded 451 units and Honda recorded 241 units. Financing share was 64.8% in line with its normal average.

Premium brand car registrations were 70 units in the month down from 87 units the previous month and down from 102 units 12 months ago. Mercedes recorded 16 new units (C-class 6, E-class 9, S-class 1) and 18 pre-owned units (C-class 13 – 12 of these are c350 hybrid chargeable units), BMW recorded 9 units (3-series 4 units, 5-series 1 unit) and Audi recorded 1 unit.

Electric cars registrations recorded 44 units in the month down from 59 units the previous month and significantly down from 380 units 12 months ago. Nissan Leaf accounted for 44 units.

SUV registrations recorded 458 units in Aug up from 414 units the previous month and significantly down from 652 units 12 months ago. Toyota recorded 69 units (Prado 29), Honda recorded 117 units (Vezal 109 – most of these vehicles are NOT 4W), Nissan 75 units (mainly X trail) and DFSK Glory 330 with 59 (this is a locally assembled vehicle).
Hybrid registrations recorded 1,391 units in Aug up from 1,278 in July and significantly down from 3,845 units 12 months ago.  Van registrations recorded 186 units in the month down from 244 units in July and significantly down from 1,234 units 12 months ago.
3-wheeler registrations rebounded recording 4,355 units in Aug up from 3,692 units in July but significantly down from 10,366 units 12 months ago.

2-wheeler registrations recorded 29,365 units last month up from 25,015 units the previous month and 25,836 units 12 months ago.

Scooter units during the month were 13,844 up from 12,185 units the previous month – they now account for 47% of the category. In this sub segment Honda has a share of 54.4% followed by Hero with 21.5% and TVS with 14.5% – Bajaj has no scooter offering. Financing share was 66.3%.

Pickup truck registrations recorded 366 units in Aug significantly up from 280 units in July and up from 327 units 12 months ago while Mini truck registrations logged 140 units in August.

Bus registrations recorded 230 units in Aug higher than 179 units in July but lower than 243 units recorded 12 months ago. Lanka Ashok Leyland continues to be the market leader with a share of 47%. Financing share was 92.6%.