The State Services Table Tennis Championships conducted by the State Services Table Tennis Association was held recently at the Lumbini College, Indoor Stadium, in Colombo
Veteran table tennis coach Chandana Perera clinched four titles at the championships.
Perera, representing Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), won the men’s singles title in the 50-55 age group, men’s doubles title in the 50-60 age group, Open mixed doubles and the Team Champions events. Colombo Municipal Council also emerged as the overall champions at the championships.

Shalika Ranaweera, the newly elected President of the State Services Table Tennis Association and also the Director of the Sports Department of the CMC was the chief guest.

Men’s team Championship: “A” division
Champion Team:- Colombo Municipal Council “A” team
Runner–up:- Customs Department

‘B’ division;
Champion team:- Galle Divisional Secretary office
Runner–up:- Kandy Municipal Council

‘C’ division;
Champion team:- Railways Department
Runner–up:- CMC ‘B’ team

‘D’ division;
Champion team:- Inland Revenue Department ‘A’ team
Runner–up:- Inland Revenue Department ‘C’ team
Woman’s team Championship: “A” division
Champion team:- Inland Revenuve Department ‘A’ team

“B” division;
Champion team:-Inland Revenuve Department ‘B’ team
Runner–up:-Railway Department

Men’s singles:
20–25 age: Champion:- H.G.S.N. Pushpakumara (Survay Department), Runner–up:- H.B.S. Karunaratne (Survay Department)
25–30 age: Champion:- Amila Chathuranga (Railway Department)
Runner–up:- N.N. Thilanka (Customs)
30–35 age: Champion:- W.A.P.S. Wanasinha (Kandy Municipal Council), Runner–up:-N.B.M.B.S. Niyarepola (CMC)
35–40 age: Champion:- P.D.N.S. Silva (CMC), Runner–up:- G.W. Jayantha (Galle District Secratariat)
40–45 age: Champion:- R. Mallawa (Inland Revenue Department), Runner–up:- Gayan Adhikari (Railway Department)
45–50 age: Champion:- H.P.S. Karunarathna (Hapitigama National School), Runner–up:- B.P.K. Ranasingha (Kandy Municipal Council)
50–55 age: Champion:- Chandana Perera (CMC), Runner–up:- W.A.P. Anil Kumara (Kandy Municipal Council)
55–60 age: Champion:- Sunil Abegunasekara (Kandy Municipal Council), Runner–up:- D.K. Kulasekara (CMC)

Men’s doubles:
20–30 age: Champion:- Amila Chathuranga/ Eran Mallawaarachchi (Railway Department)
Runner- up:- Gayan Adhikari/ Viraj Ekanayaka (Railway Department)
30–40 age: Champion:- P.F.N.D. Dilva/ S.P.L.F.P. Nimesh (CMC) Runner–up:- G.W. Jayantha / Nadeera Kodhikara (Galle District Secratariat)
40–50 age: Champion:- B.P.K. Ranasingha/ J. Arnold (Kandy Municipal Council), Runner–up:- Susantha Palitha / Sanjeewa Wijesooriya (Kandy Municipal Council)
50–60 age: Champion:- Chandana Perera / S.K. Kulasekara (CMC), Runner–up:- Sunil Abegunasekara / Sisira Kumara (Kandy MC)

Women’s singles:
20–25 age: Champion:- S.A.D. Aneesha Erangi (Survey Department), Runner–up:- H.L.D. Shashikala (Customs)
25–30 age: Champion:- R.A.M. Madushani Perera (CMC), Runner–up:- W.V.N. Sudarshani (Survay Department)
30 – 35 age: Champion:- J.M.D.L. Jayasekara (Inland Revenue Department), Runner–up:-M. Nadeeka Siri (Railways),
35–40 age: Champion:-L.H. Chamila Pushpakanthi de Silva (Inland Revenue Department), Runner–up:- A. Waruni Thisaru Silva (Inland Revenue Department)
40–45 age: Champion:-H.M.H. Priyadarshani Kumari Herath (Railways), Runner–up:-Inoka Niroshini (CMC))
45–50 age: Champion:- Priyankara Vitharana (Railways), Runner–up:- K.M. Nishanthi (Railways)
50–55 age: Champion:- Nilmini Swarnakanthi (Inland Revenue Department)

Women’s Doubles:
20–30 age: Champion:- R.A. Madushani Perera / Dharani Tharanga (CMC), Runner-up:- K.C.R. Hettigoda / H.L.G. Shashikala (Customs)
30 – 40 age: Champion:-Nilmini Swarnakanthi / L.H. Chamila de Silva (Inland Revenue), Runner–up:- Dinithi Jayasekara / N.M.C.A. Weerasooriya (Inland Revenue)
40–50 age: Champion: -Desika Witharana / K.M. Nishanthi (Railways), Runner–up:- I.N. Matharaarachchi / R.A.P. Silva (CMC)
Mixed doubles – Open: Champion:- Chandana Perera / R.A. Madushani Perera (CMC), Runner–up:- P.D.N.S. Silva / Dharani Tharanga (CMC)