There has been a call from civil society for the establishment of five special High Courts to hear cases pertaining to crimes including murder, corruption and money laundering.

The National Movement for a Just Society (NMJS) urged the Government to create a system which would result in the State being able to obtain the support of public officials in relation to the administration.

Civil society organizations also called for certain Cabinet Ministers, whose conduct and behaviour they deem was extremely questionable, to be removed from their portfolios and be provided with other subjects within the Cabinet itself.

Member of the Main Committee of the NMJS and Co-Convener of the Puravesi Balaya, Saman Ratnapriya said that some of the Ministers were not following the principles of good governance or democracy.

“The recommendation regarding Cabinet Ministers is based on what is going on in the country at present and the various social criticisms that have arisen.”

He added that investigations into fraud and corruption which are currently ongoing should be expedited.

  • Garawi

    How can you expect ALL cabinet ministers to be clean when half of them are the remnants of the previous corrupt government? Sirisena needs them to get their vote to pass the new parliamentary bills in order to cleanse this corrupt system. We will have to bear with them until the next election comes!

    • Hemantha Vithanage

      And Sira also a minister of previous government!