The Government last week announced bringing in new regulations including the introduction of an absolute grant system whereby full ownership of land would be granted to land owners.

Secretary to the Ministry of Lands Dr. I.H.K. Mahanama told Nation that the move to bring in new regulations was due to the many issues prevalent in the existing system.

He said the current rules and regulations had several drawbacks due to bureaucracy, political interference and personal grudges on the part of landowners as being the main practical issues resulting in land-related disputes.

Certain land disputes end up before mediation boards and also in courts.

“There are differing views regarding this system, mechanism and scenario too,” he noted while adding that what landowners particularly those in remote areas would do with their lands remained a question.

“The Prime Minister’s Office has prepared a draft of a bill, pertaining to the absolute grant system following consultations,” Mahanama said.

“Elsewhere, discussions are presently underway with government parties, the President, the Prime Minister, the Economic Affairs Committee and other concerned government entities. Then the Legal Draftsman’s Department, the Attorney General’s Department and Provincial Councils would be involved in the process. This is a long journey,” he explained.