Customs trade unions revealed that due to their current ongoing work-to-rule action, the Government’s daily revenue income had dwindled from Rs 2 billion to Rs 1.4 billion and would continue to drop further.

The All Ceylon Customs Services Union (ACCSU) explained that they had been denied meetings by Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake.

Secretary of the ACCSU, J. Gunatilleke said that their twofold demands included that the Finance Ministry immediately halt the arbitrary process of attempting to repeal the Customs Ordinance.

“There were two meetings that were to be held with Karunanayake and the Minister failed to turn up for both,” Gunatilleke said.

“If the Government feels that they cannot improve the economy without amending the Customs Ordinance, then they should establish a forum comprising all stakeholders,” he observed.

“A dialogue should be created regarding any amendment or reform. The Government can take policy decisions,” he alleged.