Central Province Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayake, a sports enthusiast, is now the head of the Central Province Cricket Association and is expected to succeed where others failed.
Ekanayake together with his secretary Janaka Pathirane who is also the president of the Kandy District Cricket Association (KDCA), are said to be on course to initially reignite the flame of cricket in the clubs that could spark off the interest which is lacking in the province.

The hope in Kandy is that Ekanayake will be able to restore club cricket to its good old days.

The tragedy that has befallen club cricket in Kandy is even worse than when one looks back at the factors that paved the way for club cricket to thrive in Kandy at one stage.
The first unofficial Test in then Ceylon was played in Kandy. The revival of Kandy district cricket took place on August 16, 1946 when they formed the Central Province Cricket Association (CPCA) with Dr VHL Anthonisz.

In the first CPCA cricket tournament the teams that participated were Kandy Sports Club, University Scheme SC, Kandy YMCA and Kandy YMBA SC. No one knows when the tournament was last held.

Today there is a thing calling the promotion of coaching, umpiring, bowling, batting and fielding seminars but very little organized cricket is played.

Ekanayake is already on record as being responsible for the revival of basketball at both district and national levels.