Sri Lanka captain Chamari Atapattu (right) and Australian captain Meghann Lanning pose alongside the trophy their teams will play for. (Pic by Kelum C Nelumdeniya)

Sri Lanka Cricket will have much to regret if its women’s team fails to live up to expectations in an upcoming home series against their Australian counterparts.
The Australian women’s team is currently in Sri Lanka where they will play five matches starting in Dambulla on September 18. They will also play a second game on September 20, followed by three games in Colombo.

“We have been investing so much of money in women’s cricket with permanent staff and back-up staff, and we expect the team to deliver their best in the series,” said Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ashley de Silva at the launch of the series at the JAIC Hilton in Colombo on Wednesday.

Women’s cricket in Sri Lanka has never been on the rise despite the wholehearted backing given by Sri Lanka Cricket over the past 15 years.
They also conduct a high profile annual awards ceremony for women’s cricketers to run with the men’s segment.
Australia captain Meghann Lanning said her team was expecting a tough series despite being a team streets ahead of their Sri Lankan counterparts.
“It’s going to be a tough series playing in these conditions and we are looking forward to the challenges,” she said.

Lanning also said her team was well aware of the difficulties the men’s team faced playing against the spinners in Sri Lanka and was prepared for the occasion.
“We trained a lot on how to play spin and slow bowlers and we know that’s going to be our biggest challenge,” she said. (CD)