i Phone 7

The much anticipated iPhone 7 dropped this week after many rumours concerning the latest Apple venture had whetted the appetites of people eager to see what the company known for its innovation would come up with next. With a slew of improvements to the 6s model, the biggest gripe people have with the new phone is that it indeed dropped the headphone jack, as Apple debuted Airpods, a set of Bluetooth headphones that require charging. The camera of the Plus model was revamped, however, as it now sports a dual camera that is capable of taking beautifully zoomed shots. This is also the first Apple model that is waterproof. It is thought that Apple are saving their truly spectacular designs for next year, which will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Meanwhile, apple users will be excited to be a part of the iOS 10 rollout that will happen, updating the operating system dramatically.


It seems that Hiddleswift – the name of the pairing of pop singer Taylor Swift and British actor Tom Hiddleston, came to an end over the week. Many took to Twitter to mourn the break-up, though most mocked it and questioned its sincerity. Swift is single once again, and has been throwing herself into her strong support group of friends. Hiddleston, on the other hand, may just have hurt his chances of playing the next Bond.

Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia

Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 ceremony early and her team revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia just days earlier and had been asked to briefly rest. She was soon feeling better however, and tweeted as much. Her Republican opponent Donald Trump has for some time claimed that Clinton does not have the mental or physical stamina to endure the rigorous office of President but his own public medical record has suspect qualifications. This comes after Clinton called half of Trump’s supporters – millions of Americans – deplorable. She later apologized and clarified her statement, however. The two candidates remain neck and neck in polls with many undecided as the election draws near.

Tillakaratne Dilshan

One of Sri Lanka’s greatest cricketers Tillakaratne Dilshan retired from the shorter forms of the game after a series loss to Australia. Dilshan, best known for the innovative Dilscoop which sees much use in T20 games, was a passionate player and at 39 an explosive batsman that still had tricks up his sleeve. His departure will leave a sizable hole in the side, which will hopefully be filled with inspired youngsters itching to take Sri Lanka to new heights.

NYFW Yeezy

Kanye West’s NYFW Yeezy show sparked outrage in the fashion world. The rapper who is known for making headlines because of his controversial behaviour, came under scrutiny once more when his show was poorly managed. As wife Kim Kardashian and family got late, models who had been hired off the street were left to stand for hours in the hot sun, with some collapsing as they were not given any help. When the show started, models floundered in the Perspex heels of West’s design, with some tripping and others taking them off. Many news sites called it a disaster, with some questioning West’s exploitation.