SLIIT a premier higher education Institute in Sri Lanka recently graduated 135g raduands with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Information Technology, Engineering and Business Management. The grand convocation ceremony was held at the SLIIT campus in Malabe.
Chamodi Erandika De Silva clinched the best performance award at the Bachelor of Science Honours Degree Examination in Information Technology (specializing in the field of Information Technology) and Ishara Suranjith Wickramasinghe received the best performance award for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering Programme conducted by Bedfordshire University, UK.

Thanking Prof. Lalith Gamage President/CEO of SLIIT for the invitation, Chief Guest, Ajit Gunewardene, Deputy Chairman, John Keells Holding PLC, addressing the graduates commented, “Vision without execution is simply hallucination. Therefore execution with passion is key. A dream to be made into a reality requires hard work. Don’t be hasty, don’t be greedy. Don’t allow intellectual arrogance to creep in. Learn forever as you will never stop learning. People keep talking about being at the right place at the right time; you are in the right place at the right time. Ladies and Gentlemen, go forth and conquer the world, it is all yours”.

In 1999, it was realized that the number of IT students graduating from universities were inadequate to make a significant impact in the IT industry in Sri Lanka. It was in this scenario that SLIIT was established with the fervent hope of producing a thousand IT graduates annually. Today SLIIT has produced over 9,000 graduates in the field of IT, which is an unprecedented achievement.