Your best bet as a job-seeker is to avoid the HR department. Give them a wide berth! There are so many applicants for each available job that many HR folks see their job as weeding people out of the pipeline rather than inviting them in.

You are better off reaching out to your own department manager directly than going through HR. Avoid online job applications. Job ads will tell you that you must apply for all positions online by completing an online job application, but it’s not true. People get jobs by going directly to their department manager every day.

Department managers would bring letters they had received from job-seekers to HR Managers saying, “I want to meet this enterprising person, who showed initiative by finding me and writing to me.”

Here’s how you will reach your own hiring manager — the person who will be your boss in your new job — and avoid HR in your job search.

First, decide which employers you want to approach. Create your Target Employer List. You don’t have to limit your job search to outreach to companies that have job ads posted. You can reach out to any hiring manager in any organization you want.
l Next, rewrite your resume to put a human voice in it.

l Now, you’ve got to find your specific hiring manager inside each employer on your Target Employer List.

l Now you’re going to write a letter written just for the hiring manager you are about to contact. You will send your hiring manager an envelope in the mail with the Pain Letter you’ve written just for this manager.

l Once your Pain Packet consisting of your Pain Letter is in the mail, make a note of it so you can follow up in a week or two.

You will learn more about business, feel better and stronger, have more interesting conversations and get a better job when you take control of your job search. You may have noticed that CEOs and other C-level leaders never complete online job applications.
Why is that? They get their jobs a different way. They take charge of their job hunts and so can you!