The Sri Lanka Cancer Society (SLCS) has complained of the lack of Government funds to maintain the ward provided by them at the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama.
President of the SLCS, A.J.B. Anghie said that they only received Rs 500,000 per year from the Government, whereas it took Rs 52 million per annum to operate the ward which at present comes from public subscriptions and donations.
“We are dependent on the corporate sector. Yet we have a Rs 4 million deficit per year,” he said.
The SLCS separately maintains two institutions, one a housing unit with 80 beds, next to the National Cancer Hospital and also a hospice with 34 beds next to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to house the terminally ill during their last days.
Those at the unit are taken to the NCI for treatment and brought back. The SLCS has branches in Kandy, Moratuwa and Galle.
“The existence of the unit frees up 80 beds in the NCI. Those who are terminally ill have to be certified as being so by doctors. All we can do is to alleviate their pain,” said Anghie.