The stage is set for the Walawa Supercross 2016 on September 11 at Sevanagala in the Ratnapura District with over 125 competitors in action and a full house of spectators expected.

The event is organized by the Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Motor Cycle Club.

Causeway Paints, Elephant House and Chello Diary Products are the main sponsors of the event which was launched last week with several riders and drivers in attendance.

There will be as many as 24 racing events from which the winners will be decided of which 12 events will be for cars and the balance for motor cycles.

To spice up the event the organizers have brought in an under-13 event for kids in the racing bikes category.

Organisers contend that unlike in past seasons this year’s Walawa Supercross will provide more excitement for fans as competitors have progressed in their driving and riding skills to the point that they can be treated as professionals.

“Racing will be of a very high standard and a big appeal to spectators. We expect a high number of people to witness this much looked forward to event,” said Brigadier Rajakuruna.

While some of the competitors at the launch of the Walawa Supercross said that they were confident of winning, others expressed caution that new challengers could be in store on the exciting 1.7 kilo metre race track.

“I know that the event is going to be competitive. But I know what I can achieve and what I am good at and I am confident of becoming the winner,” said ace driver Ushan Perera.

But the veteran rider Gayan Sandaruwan was more modest in his understanding of the present day demands and gave no assurance that he would beat all rivals in the fray other than pledging to his fans that he will not give up at any stage.

“I am aware that all top riders are going to contest and this is good for the spectators to see some exciting fare. There will be plenty of challengers and I am looking forward to expecting a good fight from them. I will give a good fight,” said the unassuming Sandaruwan, a winner of many racers and still capable of ending up on the podium.

The organisers presented their sponsors with trophies in appreciation of their support for the Walawa Supercross which will be flagged off on September 11 at

Rivira Media Corporation will play the role of print media sponsor at the Walawa Supercross 2016.

Gayan Sandaruwan | (Pic by Mushtaq Thasleem)
Gayan Sandaruwan |(Pic by Mushtaq Thasleem)