Medical guardians have called for a community-based monitoring mechanism at the level of the family, community and health professionalism to reduce smoking habits.

The Ceylon National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis (CNAPT) said that they would also be tackling awareness concerning lung diseases such as asthma including chronic asthma due to environmental conditions and allergies, bronchitis, occupational lung diseases and smoking-related lung diseases including lung cancer.

Vice Chairman of the CNAPT Dr. Kapila Sooriyaarachchi said that social deterrents were needed.

“Smokers and those who stop smoking must be monitored,” he added, while noting that during any period of abstinence a person may revert back to smoking and take up the habit.

“Health promotions must be organized,” he declared.

“There must be anti-smoking awareness and counselling. Creative and effective communication is very useful. Smoking must be minimized. Behaviour modification is required,” he added.

“Motivation is also essential. Friends too, play a role in achieving the ultimate outcome of quitting smoking. The provision of support is of utmost importance. Health promotion is what must be done,” he observed.