Sri Lanka’s Internet penetration had expanded to 19.5% in 2015, compared to just 1.1% (per 100 persons) in 2005, an analysis by a premier conglomerate involved in ICT sector has pointed out.

According to the latest annual report of Softlogic Holdings PLC (SHL) Sri Lanka’s internet connections grew by 22.2% during the year 2015 while fixed internet connections grew by 12.6%.

Over the last decade, mobile phone penetration has increased from 16.8 (per 100 persons) in 2005 to 116 by 2015.

The review  points outs that country’s IT, Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure sector has been earmarked to play a vital role in driving economic development, fueling innovation, driving productivity, and enabling the exploration of new knowledge frontiers.
The report also says that key aspects of the Government’s ICT strategy are improving the digital infrastructure of Sri Lanka, enhancing ICT policies, legislation and standards, and facilitating trade and business through ICT.

Sri Lanka was the first South Asian nation to adopt 4G technology in 2013 and high competition between providers allows users to enjoy some of the lowest data tariffs in the world. Broadband, leased-line and satellite connectivity is also widely available.

Meanwhile, the country’s BPO/BPM industry is positioned for strong growth as high literacy rate, talent pool for IT skills, investor friendly policies, and conducive business environment and infrastructure makes it an attractive location for offshore services.