Amitabh Bachchan has said that Deepika Padukone was paid more than him. He said, “I dunno if this is relevant or not. Whether coz of circumstances this has happened but, I can tell you one thing, in Piku, Deepika Padukone was paid more than me and that says two things – one that she is obviously more important than me and two I have lost my price tag, coz I have been working for so long. Maybe I am not so important.”

However, soon Shoojit who was also the man behind Piku added his thought behind this and clarified, “But I think what’s the harm? If the woman’s character is that then it’s okay. For example, everybody asked me if it’s (Piku) is a woman centric film. I said why? Coz a woman has a stronger character that’s why it’s a woman centric film. But there are many films with only heroes but that is not man centric film. So don’t see a film like coz there’s a woman’s pic on the poster it’s a woman centric film. It’s a cinema, a film a story. She maybe is the hero of the film and that’s how you should see it.” Deepika made it to the Forbes top ten highest paid actress leaving behind Priyanka Chopra and the rest of competition in Bollywood behind. Here, watch Amitabh Bachchan confess that he was paid lesser than Deepika in Piku.