Cinnamon Red General Manager Terrence Fernando cutting the Red birthday cake

On September 1, South Asia’s first lean luxury property Cinnamon Red celebrated its second year of operations.

This year’s celebrations were centred around its associates with Cinnamon Red General Manager Terrence Fernando applauding the dynamic team on a job well done. The customary evoking of blessings took place on August 31 with priests representing the four major religions of the country praying over the staff and hotel. On September 1, sweetmeats were served to both guests and associates. A staff meeting was later held where General Manager Terrence Fernando addressed the staff, followed by an anniversary tea party. Special memorabilia were also distributed among staff as a ‘thank you’ from the Management.

In just two years, Cinnamon Red has made a significant contribution to Sri Lanka’s rapidly expanding tourism and hospitality sector and has won several awards.