Trade unions have raised suspicions of Government moves to ignore the inclusion of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the new Constitution.

The Ceylon Mercantile Industrial and General Workers Union (CMU) explained that they along with other civil society groups would mobilize and launch a collective campaign and broad alliance which would advocate the demand that the Government include the said factors in the new Third Republican Constitution.

General Secretary of the CMU, Sylvester Jayakody said that economic constraints had been and were being imposed on the people by new agreements.

“We demand pay hikes and bonuses and yet all the while the economic situation and the general social conditions deteriorate. These matters must be discussed and people should pay attention to them,” Sylvester added.

“The State which is party to the Covenant is obliged to further social and economic justice by taking deliberate and concrete steps,” an open letter stated.

The letter also observed that there must be public provisioning in several areas including health, education, food, water, housing, social security, wages, and  employment.