Yashan de Silva, known for hits including ‘Sansara Gane’ is back with a new video ‘Jeewithe Obamai” which was released recently.
The new track consists of a mixture of hip-hop and dance-pop styles.

Yashan who is happy about the feedback for the track says that the audience of today has come to absorb and accept different styles of music, which is healthy for the industry.

“We have received about 50,000 views on internet within two weeks. Mostly positive comments and I am happy to see my audience trying to absorb the change of music styles in a better way,” he says.

On how the current track is different from his previous songs, Yashan points out that all aspects of ‘Jeewithe Obamai’ including the concept, style, lyrics, music, video, locations and everything was new and fresh. “You mostly get to hear sad negative love songs on local radio and TV these days. This breaks that trend will start a new trend. In terms of music, we have experimented with some new tones and elements,” he explains.


“The music video is something that you won’t see very often in Sri Lanka. We have filmed it in the deep blue sea. It was fun and exciting,” he adds.

Yashan says that the reason behind choosing to film the seas was to give the audience a new and fresh experience, moving away from the routine locations and the love-cry-breakup scenes in most of the music videos nowadays. “This is an energetic, positive, happy love song which makes you feel good when you listen and I promise it won’t make you feel down & depressed.”

Apart from the above aspects, the video also boasts of a fresh face in the form of Cristal. “She is new to the scene. This is her very first experience in a music video. I wanted to try a new face to add to the freshness of the video.


Yashan who has made his mark in the local industry also looks to broaden his horizons by targeting the international market. “Yes in the future for sure. That’s the main reason why I put an extra effort in the making of my music and video clips. All I want to do is take it very seriously and work hard to make it to the international arena.”

The music video is sponsored by ASUS-Unity System Solutions, Sail Lanka Charter, and Appy Fizz.

“All of their contribution played a big part in this project to make it a successful one. This is my main release for this year and also the very first engagement of all those brands with an artiste,” he adds.

Music of the song was directed by Udara Fernando while the lyrics were penned by Yashan himself. Ushan Sasika was the cinematographer while Malith Sanjaya handled the post-production of Jeewithe Obamai.