The workshop organized by Home Cooking Made Simple is an initiative by Shanaka Waduge who together with her daughter Amandi became the First Champions of the recently held Mother-Daughter Cook-Off competition organized by Water’s Edge Hotel.
In an age where parents are baffled about how to handle kids engrossed on laptops and mobile phones the ‘What’s Cooking’ workshop has become a breath of fresh air to both parents and kids.

The junior chefs were taught to cook up a four-course meal in a creative presentation added to which were much needed table etiquette and dining manners. The workshop covered how to sit at a table, how to set a table, crockery and cutlery used, napkin placement, the dining do’s and don’ts, how to pass items around the table, basic table manners, interacting with others at the table and how to excuse yourself from the table. All items that parents, family and friends will be bowled over seeing their kids master the art of cooking, dining and etiquette.

The little chefs didn’t go home empty-handed and each was handed a goodie bag including their very own Cook with Me apron, a booklet of recipes, a handout on good manners and table setting and the most cherished item for each was a certificate confirming their participation in the ‘What’s Cooking’ workshop.

‘What’s Cooking’ workshops for the little chefs of Sri Lanka will give children the opportunity to develop life-long love for the culinary arts plus have loads of fun.

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